DWTS All-Stars, Week 4: Apolo & Karina Bring the Heat (and Innuendo) to Access Hollywood

If Kelly & Val are the couple in “puppy love” this season…then Apolo & Karina are the couple most likely to be lusting after one another, methinks ;-P  There’s simply too many “meoooooowwww” moments in this clip to list them all – trust me, you need to just watch…and giggle like a schoolgirl, like Karina.  The couple hit up Access Hollywood yesterday to chat about their chemistry, their hip-hop routine, and…”man Kegels”??? 😯

 Ok, you all know I’m not typically the type to swoon over the male pros/celebs on DWTS (the female pros? That’s another story 😉 ).  But something about Apolo in this clip – and just in this season, in general – makes me want to climb all over him like a jungle gym.  He’s definitely grown ‘n’ sexy, and has a wicked, saucy sense of humor that seems to make Karina melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July 😛 The hapless hosts just keep inadvertently asking some eyebrow-raising questions – and Apolo just keeps answering with zinger after zinger, without missing a beat.  And Karina rolls with it just as well! After titillating us with innuendo about 50 Shades of Grey, “hooking up”, and who has more stamina, Apolo also talks about the differences between being partnered with Julianne vs. Karina (“She was only 18, we were not hooking up!”), and Gilles’ quest for the MBT (“He’s got his fangs out!”), and the two also chat briefly about their hip-hop routine this week – Karina says Apolo’s going to be choreographing some of it, and Apolo’s ready to “show everyone his hip-hop side”.  I think I’m most excited for their routine next week – not only because Apolo seems really excited about it, but because they got an AWESOME song…which we will be spoiling at some point this weekend.  Keep your eyes peeled 😎

The two also briefly weighed in on Drew & Helio’s somewhat surprising eliminations, and Bristol’s staying power…I kind of love their facial expressions when talking about Bristol :-P:

So who else is TeamOhYes? Or at least Team “I Wouldn’t Kick Apolo Out of Bed For Eating Crackers”? 😉