DWTS Season 15, Week 3.5 – Gilles Pity Party, Half Naked Maks and Other Random Bits

Heh. In case you weren’t sure that Gilles was in the running for douchbag of the year, here’s a portion of an article from People.com. Thanks to TristanMacManusFans for sending the link to Courtney. 🙂 Be sure to click the link to read the whole thing for even MORE silly Gilles.

Gilles Marini, a fan favorite and likely finalist on Dancing with the Stars, tells PEOPLE that he was so sure he’d be eliminated after Monday night’s show that he needed to fortify himself.

“I opened a $400 bottle of wine,” the handsome French-American actor, 36, said on Wednesday. “I didn’t even pour it in a glass. I drank it right from the bottle!”

Marini danced an intense tango on Monday’s show, and while his scores were good, he says, “I wanted to do more, do better. I wanted to excel.”

Anxieties aside, Gilles is fully enjoying the DWTS experience this season, after having previously competed on the show in 2009.

“The first time I felt a little bit more like a puppet,” he says, “but now I have to bring the acting, the choreography … creatively speaking, I have a lot more input.”

For you Maks fans….here he is mostly naked on Ellen. The man needs facial hair, IMO. 🙂

Derek and Shawn are in Iowa this week and will be performing at the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions tomorrow night (October 12). Derek tweeted these pictures, one from rehearsal and the other…well, not sure that one is from, I got distracted by Derek’s ever expanding biceps. 🙂 To read more on Derek and Shawn, be sure to hit up PureDerekHough.com

My man Tommy B. has an interview in the Wall Street Journal and there is one little interesting behind the scenes bit. Click the link to read the whole thing.

Normally, “DWTS” lets the pros know on a Sunday what the next dance style will be if they move on. When this didn’t happen, they were badgering, wanting to know what was going on. They discovered the twist – they’d be picking dance styles for one another from a yet-to-be-revealed list – at the same time viewers at home did, on Monday’s show.

The surprises continued Tuesday, for no one knew that the lowest would pick for the highest or what the dance choices would be until the live show. In dress rehearsal, the order was very different, and some of the dances listed didn’t make the final cut. “I think we had the chicken dance listed,” Bergeron said.

We won’t see the chicken dance on the next show, but we will see dances including bolero, Charleston, disco and hip-hop. “Some might fare based on luck of the draw,” Bergeron said of the couples’ prospects. “There were some tense expressions.”