New Interview with Tom Bergeron on DWTS 15

You gotta love Tom. 🙂 This interview is from MSN’s Reality TV – click the link to read the whole thing since I just put my favorite bits below. 🙂

Some of your fans sent in questions they wanted me to ask. Tim wants to know: Do you come up with your own material, or do you have a writing staff?

No. I mostly ad-lib everything you hear. What is scripted on “Dancing” is the stuff that takes us to a commercial and brings us back — things of that nature. But my reactions to what’s going on in the moment are all my reactions.

On that note, Karen wanted to know if you have any tips on ad-libbing because you’re such a master at saying things that are right in the moment.

Thank you. I think listening is key. Look, even I screw up. We tried something new on Tuesday to kind of give a different pacing to the who’s in jeopardy and who’s safe. So instead of reading off a card I was just kind of paraphrasing things in my mind, and I wanted to paraphrase a quote from Carrie Ann to talk to the next couple, and as I was thinking of that I was going to toss to Brooke [Burke], and so I called Brooke Carrie Ann, so there you go! [Laughs] So to the best of us these moments happen, but I think being present is key and listening. It’s sort of like acting. Either you act or react, and I think that’s important.