DWTS 15: Karina Smirnoff Talks Fitness, Supplements, & JR Martinez with SELF Magazine

There’s a little something for both the guys (jimmbboe) and the ladies (Heidi, myself, and anyone else who salivates over Apolo’s physique) in this one 😉

Karina sat down with SELF magazine to talk about the success of her first fitness DVD (Shape Up with Karina Smirnoff), her own energy supplement, and her philosophy on fitness & health.  She also had some sweet things to say about JR (“We developed a friendship that will stand the test of time and became a true team in every sense of a word, supporting each other and pushing each other to be the best that we could be.”), and talked a bit about AIM, the charity she has been working with:

AIM stands for Alternative Intervention Models. It’s an organization that was set up by Leila Steinberg, and it has divisions for charities in the foundation like art, singing, sports and dancing. It’s an organization that allows me to teach underprivileged kids how to express themselves through the arts. Kids who can’t afford it, who come from low socio-economic families, or schools at risk, can become a part of AIM and express themselves in any way that they want to, whether it’s coming up with a song or learning how to cha-cha. I love being a part of it! You can check it out at my website, www.karinasmirnoff.com, or AIM’s website for more information.

Very cool to see what Karina’s been up to outside of the ballroom 🙂 But the highlight for me was the behind-the-scenes rehearsal pix of she & Apolo this week…

 Nice biceps you got there, Apolo.  😉

 Again, with the biceps…meeeeooooowwww.