DWTS 15, Week 4: Saying Goodbye to Bristol Palin (Sort of…) – Elimination Interviews

After a frustrating 4 weeks (both for Bristol & Mark and us as viewers!) Bristol was eliminated last night – and apparently doing all the post show media was a bit overwhelming for her (cause, y’know, she totally had to go change her hair and whatnot…*eye roll*), so Mark held down the fort with On the Red Carpet and offered up his take on their elimination.  He also offers up his predictions for the winner of this season:

Next stop was Access Hollywood, and Bristol must have still been fussing with her hair, so Mark did all the talking again.  He talks about the show being a “journey” and how proud he is of Bristol for the work that she’s done.  I had to chuckle at Mark’s reaction to being asked if he’d be dancing in the troupe:

After that, Bristol must have finally been done messing with her hair (those blasted ponytails…so complicated!) and she & Mark hit up Jimmy Kimmel.  Jimmy asks Bristol if she had a feeling she’d be eliminated, and what she thinks is the key to her longevity on the show.  She & Mark also chat about their fight, and Jimmy makes an interesting point about the rehearsal packages:

I must say, I rather enjoyed the cockamamie idea of Bristol being on The Bachelorette (HA!) and Guillermo is always a highlight for me 😛 In all seriousness, though, as much as I wanted Bristol gone after week 2 – I think she & Mark managed to go out gracefully, and they both seem to be at peace with their elimination.  Although I have to wonder how she would have fared on Team Gilles…I would have enjoyed watching her bungle Gilles’ magnum opus of a team dance.  Bwahahahahaha 😀