If Paula Abdul Has Her Way, She’ll Be Returning To Dancing With The Stars To Judge

Hi ALL!!!! HOW ARE YOU? I’m back from my Madonna trip (OMG, her show was phenomenal again!!) and it sounds like this past week was a great one for dancing on Dancing With The Stars? I’m just starting to get caught up. I’ve watched a third of the show from Monday night enough to see Paula Abdul trying to mimic and flirt with Bruno. 😯 Too funny. Speaking of, below Paula talks about judging the show and Bruno at US Magazine. She also comments for how she was only approached to judge Dancing With The Stars this one time, but, “if she has her way, she’ll return to the panel again very soon.” Hmmm? Not sure what she means, but, would you be open for more judging from Paula on Dancing With The Stars? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

“I hope you could see how much fun I was having,” Abdul, 50, gushed to Us Weekly after critiquing Kirstie Alley, Bristol Palin and others during the performance show. “It felt like home and was very natural.”

Especially impressed with Shawn Johnson’s fancy footwork, the X Factor and American Idol veteran (and seasoned dancer, choreographer and former pop star) couldn’t help but get flirty with judge Tonioli during the taping. Critiquing Johnson’s mambo with Derek Hough, Abdul reached for Tonioli and began rubbing his chest to illustrate the sex appeal she felt the couple exuded through their routine. “While I’m giving my critique, I’m just going to touch him,” she mused.

Having sat next to Simon Cowell on both The X Factor and American Idol, Abdul naturally compared her chemistry with Cowell to her chemistry with Tonioli. “He’s very accommodating,” she said of Tonioli. “If it was the guy I used to sit next to, Simon, it would have been like ‘I’m sorry my fingers are stuck in a mass of hair.’ And he probably wouldn’t have let me [rub his chest].”

Abdul told Us that she was only approached to appear on DWTS for one night only, but if she has her way, she’ll return to the panel again very soon.

I hope Paula does the show again, but, I’m not sure I’d want her to judge full time. As much as I complain sometimes on our three judges, I like them just the way they are.

One more thing before I wrap this post up: I want to give a huge shout out to Heidi and Court to thank for them for covering me while I was away. Don’t they rock it and I missed you All loads!!xxxx