Dancing With The Stars Kelly Monaco Wishes Dance Had Gone On Forever

Kelly Monaco tells People that she and Val Chmerkovskiy’s chemistry is “unexplainable” and each week they ‘get a little closer’. Below is more from the two of them on their chemistry. You can also watch a video interview at the link.

“Obviously with every week, it gets more and more personal,” he says. “I was raised with loyalty, honesty, camaraderie. Those are the things that I value the most. She’s the person I care about most right now.”

Monaco, holding onto her partner tightly, agrees with him, explaining, “I was raised the same exact way โ€ฆ I’ve been down a really rough road in my life โ€ฆ I’ve put up a lot of walls and I don’t let many people in. He’s slowly allowing me to believe in friendships and relationships and trust and all of that, you know?”

Monaco also tells PEOPLE of the sensual number, “I wish [the dance] had gone on forever.”

I wish their dance had gone on forever too, do you? You can really feel their passion and how they are helping one another. They are one of my top three couples right now on Dancing With The Stars along with Shawn & Derek and Karina & Apolo. Are they in your Top Three? Where would you place or rank Kelly And Val on your list of favorites or least favorites on Dancing With The Stars right now?