DWTS Season 15 Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 5: Agree or Disagree?

What an interesting shake up we’ve had in Las Vegas Odds from for Dancing With The Stars these last few weeks! According to Sports Bovada again, we have Shawn leading the odds with Apolo and Emmitt tied and not far behind which I agree with. In fact, I agree with all the placements the odds makers have wagered below except for Kirstie Alley who they keep wanting to give such low odds to. She’s danced fairly well these last few weeks and they shouldn’t be underestimating her and Maks’ fan base which I would think dominates Sabrina’s, Melissa’s, Gilles’, and Kelly’s fan bases? Also note how Kelly’s odds are stronger compared to the week before and she moved up a place higher than Gilles. Interesting and deserving in my opinion!!

New Las Vegas Odds going into Week 5:

Shawn Johnson 7/5
Apolo Anton Ono 4/1
Emmitt Smith 4/1
Kelly Monaco 5/1
Gilles Marini 6/1
Melissa Rycroft 25/1
Sabrina Bryan 50/1
Kirstie Alley 66/1

Last week’s odds going into week 4, to compare:

Shawn Johnson – 7/4
Apolo Anton Ohno – 9/4
Emmitt Smith – 7/2
Gilles Marini – 13/2
Kelly Monaco – 12/1
Melissa Rycroft – 15/1
Bristol Palin – 25/1
Sabrina Bryan – 33/1
Kirstie Alley – 50/1

Summing it up…again, I think the odds makers have pegged it, but, I think Sabrina should be at the bottom with Kirstie or Melissa second to last.

Let’s get my fellow Partners In Crimes thoughts on the matter and be sure to let us know what you think too in the comments section…..

Courtney: My only complaint here is that I still think Emmitt is too high – at this point I think Kelly or Gilles has a better chance of making it to the finale than he does.  I like Emmitt as a person – he seems to be a nice guy and is having fun this season; but I don’t really see the hunger to win in him like I do in most of the others.  But then again, he does seem to be getting some pretty cushy scores…but the judges do seem to be a lot less “enchanted” with him as the weeks wear on.  Who knows what’s going on there. But I am quite glad to see Gilles getting edged out by Kelly 😉 Now if only Melissa makes some big moves this week and can overtake him as well! As for Kirstie – I do think after her bottom 2 appearance this week, they’ve got it about right.  Skill-wise, she’s just not really a match for anyone else this season, and I think some of the votes she would have gotten on a regular season are now going to other contestants who might share her fanbase (possibly Kelly & Melissa, maybe Emmitt).  I think it’s safe to say she isn’t going to win this season – but how much longer will she stick around?

Heidi: I think Kirstie is in the right spot as well. Sabrina has the potential to get great scores. Kirstie? Not so much, relative to other dancers. Since she was in the bottom two this past week, any bad score could do her in, whereas Sabrina could possibly be spared by a really great dance.  The key will be that Sabrina do well on Monday and that her team does well in the team dance. I think Kirstie beats her in votes probably easily, but with a good margin Sabrina has shown she can hang on. I think the margin that Kirstie failed to beat was 17k. If that happens again, I think Kirstie goes…unless someone unexpected falls to the bottom. Like Melissa. I kinda think that Emmitt might not be as strong as anyone thinks either. Between Apolo, Shawn, Gilles and even Melissa/Sabrina, he seems kinda forgettable.  He’s definitely too high in the rankings, IMO.