Gilles Marini On DWTS 15 Week 5 “It is going to be a wild week!”

Gilles Marini writes how last week’s dance wasn’t easy to learn while being in Miami working on other commitments last week. The first few days, he and partner Peta Murgatroyd had “no clue” what they were doing. By Monday night, “all went well”. He writes a little on this week’s up coming Rumba and the group dance too…

Food aside, Miami was a struggle as we were trying to learn and perfect the Bollywood dance style and OMG it wasn’t easy at ALL! The first few days we truly had no clue what we where doing and had to call in a Bollywood pro to help us. We practiced as much as we could but it was hard since we were away from home and didn’t have a lot of time since I was busy with other commitments. Once we got back to LA, we had all weekend to perfect the dance. By Sunday night we finally felt like we had something and were comfortable…which was a good thing since we were dancing in 15 hours!! On Monday night all went well and I feel like we did a great job. Bollywood is fun, colorful and full of energy and we had a great time performing it. And it was AWESOME having Paula Abdul as a guest judge!

And now..Let’s Get Ready to RUMBA…and to a Whitney Houston song no less! We will be dancing two dances next week. The Rumba and a group freestyle dance to Gangnam style! It is going to be a wild week!

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Also, isn’t this a breathtaking shot of Peta? According to his facebook, Gilles took this photo while “shooting right up in the hills”. Not sure what that means…

ADDING: Below is Peta and Gilles talking about their dances this week with On The Red Carpet. Be sure you let us know what you think in comments.

ADDING2: TV Guide has a new interview up with Peta where she talks about she and Gilles’ new dance and the team dance as well. Here’s a take….

How are rehearsals going?
Peta Murgatroyd: Good. We kind of started both routines and got both half done. I think the rumba is going to take a longer amount of time because it’s a full dance I have to do with him. “Gangnam Style” is going to be a fun one. We put that one together very quickly. … It’s pretty much divided into the four solos and we have a beginning and end group sections. We already have the choreography for the beginning and the end. Now we’re just working on the solo stuff. … We’re definitely spending more time with the rumba.

“Gangnam Style” already has built-in moves, so how much work do you even have to do?
Murgatroyd: Yeah, exactly! [Laughs] We have definitely put a lot of those tricks in there.

I love your reactions when you found out that was your song.
Murgatroyd: Oh, yes! Well, that’s one of my favorite songs. It just kills me every time I see that video. When I saw we had it, I was like, “Oh, my God! That’s going to be amazing to do and replicate!”

You guys definitely got the better song for a dance compared to “Call Me Maybe.”
Murgatroyd: I think so too! [Laughs] I’m sure theirs will be amazing. They’re all young and physically fit, so they can do it all.

How did you guys put together the team dance? Did you designate a lead choreographer or do you guys collaborate?
Murgatroyd: We actually sent the celebrities out for, like, half an hour just because it’s easier when the pros work together. Maks and I took some of the leadership and got some of the group stuff down, so I would say we’re the co-leaders.

I think it’s safe to say you’re happy with your team selection.
Murgatroyd: [Laughs] Yeah. I wanted first pick and we got it. I love those guys, obviously, Maks and Val. I love Cheryl as well. She’s a great friend and she was Gilles’ former partner, so it was perfect. I think there’s so much heart and soul on our team. The celebrities are just fun. They just want to entertain. They don’t really care about not having the best technique and that’s the best song for it.

Gilles wanted to make it sexy with Kelly and Val. Can you really make “Gangnam Style” sexy?
Murgatroyd: [Laughs] I really wouldn’t call it sexy. I would call it a whole lot of fun. But, I mean, they’re just a sexy couple anyway.

How’s the rumba coming along?
Murgatroyd: Our rumba is going to be crowd-pleasing and it’s to one of the awesomest songs ever, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” That’s Gilles’ guilty pleasure song. He apparently used to sing it when he was younger and the other boys didn’t like it. I hope it’s going to be one of the best dances of the evening because most people are going to be doing a faster dance, like a samba. We’re going to come out with a serious rumba.

More with Peta at TV Guide.

ADDING 3: You can also read a blog from Peta at She writes of wanting to “push boundaries and make sure Gilles isn’t completely in his comfort zone every week.” She also wants to bring out all of Gilles’ vibes and how he’s not just sexy, but, he has a funny and serious side too. Lots more at the link.

ADDING 4: Thanks Laila, here is a new interview with Gilles as well. Below is a take where he talks about his team dance….

“The only time we’re going to be able to dance with that minimum is to dance on ‘Gangnam Style’ because we have to replicate what the video was about,” he explained. (Speaking of sexy, check out Gilles in Buitoni’s Girls Like Guys Who Can Cook contest.)

As for the team the actor has put together, he couldn’t be happier.

“My dream always was to dance with Kirstie because I believe Kirstie is witty, sweet, sexy, down to earth, loves animals, entertaining, funny … she has everything,” he said. “I will be the proudest man in the room because I chose Kirstie. It’s true. It would’ve been easier to pick Sabrina (Bryan).”

He said he knows that having Sabrina on his team would’ve meant “an incredible dance,” but that that wasn’t what he was going for with his freestyle. Instead, Gilles said he put his specific team together because he felt this particular group would be able to portray to the audience what’s in his heart.

“We’re just going to entertain,” Gilles said. “We’re going to make people go crazy. … We’re dancing to a very funny song, and I’m so excited to show the world this. ‘Gangnam Style’ with Kirstie?!”

His picks and his hopes for the dance all go back to his purpose for participating in “Dancing With the Stars” again.

“I want the public to have a great time when they watch me, no matter whether I win the mirror ball or not,” Gilles explained. “For me, it’s very important to make people smile. … My only wish is to make people happy when I dance and nothing else. If I win this, I can turn around, walk away and give my trophy to (my competitors). … I’m there to make sure no matter what I do, I do it with all my heart and for people to enjoy what (pro partner) Peta and I did.”