DWTS Season 15 Week 5 New Rehearsal Interview With Emmitt Smith And Cheryl Burke

The Insider has a new rehearsal interview up today with Emmitt Smith! He says he doesn’t feel like he has a leg up in the competition on Dancing With The Stars since there are other past winners of the mirror ball. Emmitt says he’s fortunate to still have Cheryl as a partner. She is still tough and “kicking his booty in practice” too. See why he says he’s off his game below and how much he’s changed since having his family. I just love Emmitt!! Great interview!

ADDING: Below is Cheryl talking with Access Hollywood on she and Emmitt’s rehearsals and their dances at the Carousel of Hope Ball held over the weekend. She says they are all exhausted from learning two dances this past week. She and Emmitt have been rehearsing for 7-8 hours a day….