Maks Chmerkovskiy On Kirstie Alley: “She’s so much more than a dance partner….”

Maks has penned a new blog for TV Guide!! He says their team dance on Dancing With The Stars is going to be crazy, silly, and funny…and a bit obscene too. He also talks all about Kirstie and how they are trying to do their best. The take below is my favorite part of the blog. Read this to see why….

I’m honored to be part of this All-Stars season. It’s monumental. I’m very happy to be part of it. If I’ve done what I’ve done my past 12 seasons and wasn’t included, that would be telling of my impact. I love the fact that I’m back with Kirstie. I feel very protective of her. I feel like something is in front of my face and if I find a way to do something I haven’t tried that can drastically help Kirstie, I would do it. I feel like it’s right in front of me.

The good news about this week is there’s no elimination, but the scores will be combined with next week’s. It’s gonna be a bit overwhelming. If imagine we’re last both weeks, the difference between first and last could be, like, 18 points. To overcome that is hard, but I know we and our fans won’t stop. I saw something recently that said, “Dear pessimist, optimist and realist: While you figure out if the glass is half-empty or half-full, I drank the water. I’m an opportunist.” I’m not negative, I’m not positive, I’m not delusional. I understand the situation. But I will never give up by myself. The only way we will leave is when we’re voted off. We will never check out mentally. We will never dumb anything down. I will never stop being creative. We’re still gonna fight. That’s how I will continue. Sometimes Kirstie tells me, “I wish you had a better partner.” I tell her, “I have the best partner I could have!” I could have a better dancer as a partner, but she’s so much more than a dance partner. She’s my friend and that is the most valuable part of this whole experience. She’s so much more than a celebrity you dance with three months. In return, I have to be the best.

Be sure to read the full blog at TV Guide!!