Dancing With The Stars Carrie Ann Inaba Wants Apolo Ohno To Turn It Up A Notch and More

Carrie Ann Inaba writes about the tumble out of her seat on Dancing With The Stars at Ladies Home Journal. Last night wasn’t the first time she fell. Also, she chats on the dancing this week. In particular, she mentions Apolo Ohno and how she wants to see him step it up a notch. Read this through for more and let us know what you think.

Speaking of which, the cause is dancing! Don’t forget to tune in tonight because there are five more dances to see. Last night’s dances were pretty darn good—I especially loved the group number. I found the choreography to be quite dynamic and exciting. The transitions from couple to couple were really innovative and they left no moment of that routine unfinished. There were no throw away moves in the high-pitched choreography. High energy and high impact!

I think Apolo and Karina need to turn it up a notch tonight and add more difficulty into their choreography. I don’t think Apolo is being physically or mentally challenged enough with Karina’s choreography and he’s such an amazing athlete. Sure, he’s sexy, but you can’t play that card in every routine, especially when he’s got such incredible talents outside of that. Look at Shawn Johnson’s routines—she uses every trick she possibly can to make her routines better and she’s pushing her limits all the time. That’s what is exciting and Apolo should have that same approach. He’s got to pull out the big guns from here on out if he wants a breakthrough. He’s the only one of our celebrities left (besides Kirstie) who hasn’t been on the top of the leaderboard yet. But let’s see how everyone does tonight. Tune in to see what happens in the “Gangnam Style” group dance!

HUH? Apolo hasn’t just pushed the “sexy” card every week? Is she watching the same show as the rest of us? I admit..his dance last week wasn’t as good, but, I blamed the hip hop theme. Plus, even sick with a stomach bug last night, Apolo still brought it last night during the team dance. Geez, let’s see her dance while being sick.