PureDWTS 15 Week 5 – Interviews After The Dance, More Information On Dances Next Week

What a fun night on Dancing With The Stars and, to think, there is more tonight where that came from!! What did the couples think? We found out below with George Pennacchio On The Red Carpet. Note while watching these interviews that you’ll be able to see the costumes from the individual dances that will take place tonight. Note too that next week is Country Week as we’ve reported to you all this past week where the couples dance to a Country song. They also have a group dance where they will all dance together. More info below and in COMMENTS….

First up, Kirstie and Maks!! Kirstie wasn’t expecting such high praise last night for her Quickstep. Maks hopes Kirstie won’t have a breakdown again. Kirstie explains why she hit a wall with her doggie being sick and all. Maks keep teasing her. George asks about next week’s “Country” dance. They won’t give out any details except to say that Maks is from the “old” country. Too funny! ADDING: Kirstie tweeted that she and Maks have a Rumba.

Louis and Sabrina talk of all the mistakes their team made in rehearsals before they danced. Then they all just went out there, had fun, and it all came together. Sabrina is more sore this week than ever from learning the two dances. Louis says, “Beauty is pain”. For country week, they have a beautiful country song that will tell a story that means a lot to Sabrina. They have the Rumba. Louis plans to get “deeper” and peel off another layer with Sabrina.

George praises Gilles for his Oscar worthy dances. Gilles talks of the energy that he is bringing and gives Peta props for bringing out the best in him. They are looking forward to doing a Cha Cha Cha to a country song next week. They also speak on the group dance which they will all start rehearsing TODAY!

Kelly doesn’t think work influenced her dance last night. She was tired all week trying to keep up, but, not last night. She and Val did the best they could and no excuses. As for next week, Kelly doesn’t like Country music and it will be a step out of her comfort zone. They have a Tango to a Carrie Underwood song.

Karina knows exactly what she and Apolo (who is fighting a stomach bug) are going to do for Country week. They have the Viennese Waltz and it will be the most emotional dance they’ve had so far. It’s going to be connected to Breast Awareness and the family members they’ve both lost to Cancer.

Melissa and Tony run through what happened when she got hurt on Sunday! She was so glad to get the green light to dance. George asks if it was just drama, but, it wasn’t. They also discuss how they came up with moves for the Team dance. They don’t give any hints for Country week in this interview except to joke that Tony doesn’t know what country is and Melissa plans to take over.

Cheryl and Emmitt! They talk of how much fun they had dancing the Samba. Cheryl goes through teaching and working with Emmitt and how he is a “natural”. Emmitt says she’s the best coach. He tries to approach everything like he does football by working hard and everything else will come. They have a Fox Trot for Country week and Emmitt loves his song. He plans to bring it “Texas style”.

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Ok, that is all for now, Glitterettes! Let us know what you think as always and more later! 😉 xx