Shirley Ballas, Louis Van Amstel, And Sabrina Bryan Critique Dancing With The Stars Week 5’s Dances

Dancing champion Shirley Ballas was a guest on After Buzz to critique this past week’s dances from a “professional” perspective. As some of you pointed out in comments, she feels much like we do. For starters, she felt Tony and Melissa’s individual dance could have used more difficult choreography, passion, and chemistry. Louis Van Amstel and Sabrina were interviewed and joined in to critique the dances as well from a “dancing” perspective. Louis thinks Tony should push Melissa more too. As for Derek and Shawn, Shirley says Derek is “creative beyond belief”, but, he and Shawn’s dance missed a few technical elements. She has some choice words to describe Gilles Marini which aren’t far from our own this season. He’s too “self absorbed” and not as “sincere” in his dancing like he should be. Lots more below on each couple including Shirley’s thoughts on who she thinks will be in the Finale: Shawn and Derek, Louis and Sabrina, Emmitt and Cheryl, or possibly Apolo and Karina if they can get their chemistry in check. This interview is 45 minutes long, but, so well worth a listen when you get a chance. Let us know what you think and if you agree with Shirley? Can I just say? SHIRLEY SHOULD BE A JUDGE! I’d love to see her more involved with the show every week somehow and even possibly replace Carrie Anne!! Can you imagine?