Emmitt Smith Talks On Dancing With The Stars At Florida Academy Sports and Outdoors Event

Emmitt Smith travelled to Jacksonville, Florida this week to attend a Academy Sports and Outdoors event. While there, he took time to sign autographs and answer questions from fans and the media which included some questions about Dancing With The Stars. Learning to dance and doing Dancing With The Stars is one of the hardest things he’s ever done. People don’t realize just how “hard” it is. I loved it when he said, “The best things in life you don’t get for free. You have to earn it”. You have to have “focus, be committed, and have discipline to achieve a level of greatness no matter what it is.” Dancing is the same and there are “no shortcuts”. Lots more below from Emmitt. You can also see some fun photos of him at Jacksonville.com. I love Emmitt!! Listening to him reminds me that he definitely knows what it takes to be a winner and we must not count him out of this competition at any point. What do you think?

Cheryl was interviewed on MSN. Here’s a take for what she says on she and Emmitt’s next dances. She also speaks about their strategy to win the Mirrorball. Thanks to @DWTSGossip for the heads up on this one.

What’s your strategy to win another mirror-ball trophy?

We’re really taking it one step at a time. I think what makes Emmitt so different than anybody else on this show is he’s a big guy with such amazing charisma, and I think people love seeing his eyes glow, his smile and see him have fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what this show is all about. We have to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously, that we go out there and have fun and that we entertain everyone at home.

Do you have a message for your fans going into next week?

It’s country week next week, and Emmitt loves our song. He’s been singing it and he can’t wait to do it. It’s a fox-trot. I just hope they see another side of Emmitt and they don’t forget Emmitt is really pushing himself. He’s really working hard, and we hope everyone at home enjoys watching us dance together. It’s been six long years, so it’s nice to be reunited.