DWTS Louis Van Amstel, Sabrina Byran Preview Rumba And “Full On Country Hoedown” Group Dance

Louis van Amstel tells KTLA that Sabrina Bryan is a ‘perfect work of clay’ to work with. He loves her passion. He says he and the other pros have had to step up their games because the celebrities are all so good which is why he loves this season so much. There is “one” pro he’d love to beat, but, he doesn’t name names (does his name start with a “D”, Louis? I bet so). He and Sabrina run through last week’s dances. They also talk on this week’s group dance. They say the dynamic between Kirstie and Maks is “hysterical”. It’s going to be a “full on country hoe down” and “so fun”. More in detail below….

Sabrina also talked with Perez Hilton about her dances up to this point and the challenges and highlights. As for week 6, she’s excited and more scared than ever since she’s getting even “deeper”. The song is touching and really important to her. She’ll not only be showing a softer side, but, a “vulnerable” side of herself. You can watch the video at PerezHilton.com.