Dancing With The Stars Apolo Ohno Writes Of Getting Back On Track And Finding New Inspiration

Apolo Ohno has written a new blog at People.com. He says he and Karina have had some issues, but, they’ve cleared the air and feel even closer now. They are also going to treat every dance as if it’s their last. Lots more below on this past week’s struggles, their new dance and how much it means to him and Karina.

Going into this week’s competition, I told Karina, “Let’s clear the air. Let’s get back on track and find new inspiration.” We went out, we talked, we had a good time. I told her we should treat every week like it’s our last. I want to just forget about the scores and the comments, and use the criticism as constructive. I know for me, that means emotionally showing a different side that perhaps people haven’t seen.

This song is about cancer. This song has a personal connection to both Karina and me. I have to go into a very different place, all while trying to perform this dance. It’s really beautiful and really smooth. I really like it, but it’s really emotional. I’m inviting kids from the City of Hope who have gone through or are going through cancer treatments, so I hope they enjoy it.

We just have this whole new approach and we’ve been kicking each other’s ass in the studio. It’s awesome. We’ve been hitting it hard every single day. I’m happy with the dance. We’re just continuing to keep polishing.

Be sure to read the full blog at People.com. It’s a good one! I hope he and Karina give new meaning to the word “connection” and make all the nay sayers eat their words.