Pure DWTS in Sandy’s Path

Hey there everyone!

I don’t need to tell anyone about the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, and how she is going to pummel the NorthEast of the United States. I don’t need to tell anyone that this is an icredibly HUGE storm, and that it isn’t going to simply “go away with only a whisper.” Yes, it would be nice!

Already in the comments, I’ve seen people mention that they’re in the path, and I’ve seen others asking for safety…

One reason I like this site, is that people who are here regularly develop a camaraderie, and a friendship and a respect, even though we all have different thoughts and feelings and favorite pros and celebrities. We find friendships.

Sandy is about to wreak havoc across a HUGE portion of the United States, from Maine to Virginia, and as far west as Indiana and Illinois! With the possibility that I have underestimated her reach!

NO ONE wants to lose track of people we’ve come to know here on Pure, so here’s a place to check in, and let those who AREN’T in the path or affected, know who you are, and how things are going, for as long as you have power.

SAFETY FIRST! If you’re in an area that has an evacuation order, PLEASE follow the order, and keep yourself and your family as safe as possible!!! Hopefully by now, you have some water and non perishables stored away, and candles and flashlights, or if you’re lucky, a generator, if you’re able to stay put.

When possible, check in HERE, and let us know who you are, and a GENERAL area, just to track the storm. And, what’s currently happening.

My check in would simply say, Lori in Upstate New York, and there’s nothing happening on Sunday night. I don’t think we’re expecting anything until Monday or Tuesday… My kids still have school scheduled for Monday morning!

Please let us know if you’re in the path of Sandy, and when you can, check in as soon as possible!