Dancing with the Stars Season 15 – Week 6 Predictions

Week 5 no eliminations… while as with Week 6 we were suppose to have a double elimination but it would appear that TPTB have scraped that idea and we will see a single elimination this week.

That being said… thanks to Heidi for posting up the “Who is Dancing What” post for the week… what does the data say about how the couples will be scored this week? Better yet, will there be any change / shake up in the standings from last week to this week?

Before going on let’s look at how the scores could stack up if Week 6 did NOT have Week 5 added on to it.

A few things to note:
– Since we are in Week 6, the calculations above is strictly based off of scores from Weeks 4 through 7 in a traditional 10-week season. Just to keep the scoring semi-reasonable.
– Although Apolo Anton Ohno has a score from his original season for the Viennese Waltz… in actuality he has done the Waltz in his season and did not dance to the Viennese Waltz.
– Does anyone else find it odd that Derek – until this season – has never done a Cha-Cha between Weeks 4 through 7?

Now let’s look at how the scoring went down in Week 5 (including the Team Dances).

What I found to be interesting is that when comparing Week 5’s scores from Season 15 to the various Week 5 scores of the celebrities from their original seasons… except for an outlier or two would appear to be in roughly the same ranking… interesting.

Whileas when compared to the predicted calculated scores… there are a lot of discrepancies. Hmm.

As always keep the above scores with a grain of salt and let’s enjoy tonight’s show for Country Week! (Does anyone find it odd that they are not doing the cliche Halloween week? I am a little disappointed in TPTB here.)