Kelly Monaco: “DWTS makes you a different human being”

Sioux City Journal has an interview up with Kelly Monaco where she discusses what dancing was like the first time she danced on Dancing With The Stars. She tells them, “We kind of set the bar for what is now one of the biggest reality competition shows out there.” Below she explains what it’s like to dance now in 2012 which is much more challenging….

Back in the competition for the 2012 “All-Stars” season, Monaco says it’s impossible to compare her skills with those of the other contestants.

“I can’t even put myself in the same category as an athlete or a dancer or somebody that’s more skilled than me,” she says. “It’s apples and oranges. What I did the first season and what I’m doing now is competing against myself, trying to do better.”

That first season? It was only six weeks long. Dances weren’t as involved as they are now. Stakes weren’t as high.

Still, as many performers will attest, “Dancing with the Stars” can provide a pretty flashy calling card. Careers have been made, simply on the exposure.

The goal, though, has to be a personal one, Monaco says. “You get 99.9 percent credit for being fantastic, just by getting out there because you’re putting yourself in a position most people wouldn’t put themselves in. It’s so horrible…and you’re opening yourself up to criticism.”

Footwork aside, “DWTS” “makes you a different human being.”

Technically, she says, Apolo Ohno is a tough competitor — one to beat. “But you can’t go into a situation with that mindset. You’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.”

You can read more at the Sioux City Journal.