Sabrina Bryan Chats On DWTS, Louis Van Amstel Talks Of The Upcoming Eliminations And More

Sabrina Bryan answers questions from the fans about the best part about being on Dancing With The Stars this season. She talks about what she’s doing when the show is over too.

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Louis has written a new blog for ABC as well. He talks all about last week’s dances. Then he gives a preview for he and Sabrina’s Rumba tonight. He also talks of camera blocking yesterday, the camaraderie between the couples, and how the eliminations will take place tomorrow night and the coming weeks. Read the last paragraph carefully below for how only the judges will get their say for who goes home next week. We don’t get to vote as Courtney and Heidi have been reporting to us.

With this week’s Rumba, we will show a very different side. Our song touches Sabrina in a way that exposes her vulnerability. Even though she’s scared about opening up like that, it’s such a beautiful side to see from her. As in real life, love is not always about being sexy or lovey dovey, it’s about the ups and downs between two people that love each other and the raw emotions. Our Rumba is more like “The Notebook” rather than a shallow love story.

Yet again, the production this week has gone all out. All the couples I’ve seen doing their camera blocking yesterday have beautiful set pieces. A big time thank you is necessary to the producers for giving us so much more freedom and opportunities than in any other season. This week’s theme is “Country Week” and it’s going to be off the charts. I love all of these new themed weeks. It’s so exciting to have Big & Rich, Cowboy Troy, and none other than Taylor Swift perform on Monday and Tuesday. You don’t want to miss seeing the entire show!

You might wonder if the camaraderie between the couples is sincere when you watch the show on TV. I can tell you that it is and in my opinion, that’s the part that makes this season so special. Everyone is so nice to each other and helps each other out when needed. True friendships are being built. Yes, it’s a competition, but everyone focuses on their own dances and tries their hardest to bring their A game every week. It’s all about personal growth and wanting everybody to be at their personal best. It’s truly the healthiest way to compete. You guys, on the other hand, can fight on the message boards and so can the judges over their scores…haha.

It was so nice last week to have no elimination, but it makes this week even more nerve wracking. I can’t even begin to talk about the elimination process in week 7 and week 8. Actually, let’s talk about it since it’s different almost every week now.

This week’s elimination is based on scores and votes from last week and this week. Next week (week 7), there’s no Tuesday show due to the election. This means there will be an elimination at the end of Monday night’s show (Nov. 5), which is based only on judges’ scores. Week 8 is back to normal, but we will have the dreaded double elimination again. Are you still with me?


ADDING: And here is an interview in the rehearsal studio as well….