PureDWTS Season 15 Week 6 – Interviews After Monday Night’s Dances (Videos)

Well, I have to say I’m not usually fond of Country music or themes, but, between the couples and the producers, last night was a great mix without twanging it too much. Let’s get straight to the couples reactions with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet.

First up, Cheryl and Emmitt!! George praised Emmitt for charming everyone during his solo. He tried to take advantage of the moment. He also said dancing for the All Star season this is a bigger challenge than he thought, but, he loves it and wants to do the best he can. He wants to grow. Cheryl says they have to do the best they can and just relax and have a good time if they want to go farther. They also talk on Emmitt’s family and friends back east suffering from the hurricane.

George asks Tony about his wife and family back east in the middle of the hurricane. Tony is extremely worried. He talks of his Uncle and how everyone is staying with him. His Uncle bought a generator so they’d all be ok and they could still watch the show. Melissa says they met their goal last night with their dance and scores. They just hope they can still come back next week. They are worried on the elimination. At the end, Tony gets a little upset at George for saying he only got a 29 1/2 for Melissa and that he is pouring salt in the wound being he’s already upset (can’t say I blame Tony a bit). They hug at the end.

Karina and Apolo were much happier with last night’s dance and how it turned out. Apolo says he feels stronger and they are closer. Everything was worth it for what they went through. They also talked of how much their dance for those suffering from Cancer meant to each of them.

Kelly and Val know they have an uphill battle tonight with a “slight chance of showers”. George asks them if they are dating. They say they are technically married right now, but, they are not dating. They are having fun working together and they are both passionate which they hope shows in their dances. Val also talks of how his family is safe from the hurricane. He hopes there wasn’t any damages to their businesses because he heard they were under water.

Gilles may not be at the bottom of the leaderboard on Dancing With The Stars, but, he is still worried. He talks of how hard he worked all week…19 hours a day. It was the hardest week with double duty. Peta says their scores were not bad, but, Gilles is still worried. They also talk of the hurricane and how important voting is in the election. Peta says she loves how Gilles is such a happy guy and loves life.

Louis and Sabrina are so pleased with their scores last night and that they are at the top of the leaderboard. Louis is proud of Sabrina and how magical she was last night. Sabrina is so glad to have Louis as a partner since he’s so understanding and yet pushed her. They “lived in the moment” last night.

Kirste and Maks!! They go over the total number of points from last week and this week combined. Kirste is confused because she thought she did better last night and they wouldn’t be in the bottom two. Now she is worried, but, Maks reassures her. He loved the slap during their group number and how they got two extra points. He’s proud of her. He said she is “amazing” while hugging her and closing her mouth. George asks Maks about his family back east and the hurricane. Maks hopes everyone is safe. It was tough to dance when his family is suffering.

Access Hollywood interviewed Sabrina & Louis and Karina & Apolo as well. Both couples are beyond happy with how the scores turned out last night. Sabrina makes a point to say how her ex boyfriend is ok now.

Below is coverage on the night from ET Online….

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