SPOILERS!! DWTS Season 15, Week 6 – Who Got the Boot??

Heh. Funny story.  Courtney and I were TOTALLY convinced that the Berge was lying and no one was going home tonight.  We both thought of it and tweeted it at about the same time. The Berge was just acting too funny and there was too much inconsistent stuff being said. His explanation for no elimination next week totally doesn’t fly – makes no sense at all. We were seeing lots of discomfort from him and Brooke both. We were both in denial up until Tommy said someone had the lowest combined total.  I was in denial even after that…forgetting that it wasn’t April Fools.

Guess that was just because Sabrina was getting eliminated this season the same week she was the first time around. Yep, Sabrina has hit the road. Which kinda makes me irritated – I said at the beginning of the season that there was no reason for her to go farther this season than she did originally with Mark  – not in an all star season. But, I took comfort in her high score EVEN THOUGH the spread was not large AT ALL. I bought into the same crap that I get annoyed with some of you for spouting. That is – the spread means zilch if you aren’t getting the votes.  It does NOT mean that Kelly was getting a ton of votes – it could easily mean that Sabrina doesn’t have a fanbase at all, to speak of.  Since this is the second time this has happened to Sabrina, I think that’s the safer bet.

So how did we do?? Well, we all sucked. 🙂 I could leave it at that and call it a night, but….nah.

Heidi: Predicted Kelly, second choice Kirstie

Courtney: Kelly, Second choice Kirstie

Vogue: Gilles, Emmitt as the second choice

Why the hell couldn’t Vogue have been right. Then most of us on this blog would be happy as little clams.

NOTE: Tom clearly stated that Apolo was “not necessarily the bottom two”.  Which means that he probably wasn’t but isn’t getting the votes they want him to.  I’m going to slap the crap out of the first person who asks if Apolo was the bottom two.