Dancing With The Stars Season 15 Week 6 Post Elimination Interviews

Let’s get right to the post elimination interviews. Some of the couples opted not to get interviewed as you will soon see, but, here is what we have from On The Red Carpet….

Kelly and Val are so relieved they aren’t going home. They were nervous, but, they hope to keep justifying and supporting their fans since they are getting them through every week. They are excited to do the dance fusion and mix it up. They talk of how important the song selection is which they’d rather decide on versus the dance style.

Karina and Apolo talk of the scary elimination last night. They get harder and harder each week, but, they are happy and are on the “night train”. They got over their hurdle last week. They say song selection is important and they’d rather choose the song than deciding on the dance style. They goof around and tease each other at the end (if this isn’t a connection, I don’t know what is? They look very close! VERY CLOSE! πŸ˜€ ).

Gilles praises Sabrina and says she’s the best dancer to ever dance on Dancing With The Stars. Peta says the same and says Sabrina could be on the Troupe she is so good. They are a little nervous to dance and fuse together an Argentine Tango and Samba next week, but, they are excited. They are mixed on deciding on a dance style or a song. Peta stresses how important the song selection is and then Gilles agrees.

Kirstie and Maks are so happy and relieved to be coming back. She talks of how difficult the elimination is. They are all like “gladiators” waiting to get eaten by a lion (so true). As for next week, Kirstie is confused by the fusion and thinks it’s crazy. If it was a perfect world, Maks would pick a Rumba every week for a dance style. If everyone votes, they get to make out with Maks. They talk smack on Gilles. The interviewer has to get them back on topic. Crazy interview and hilarious as always. ADDING: Note how Kirstie mentions doing they are doing a Marathon dance too.

And below are the Access Hollywood interviews.

Maks gives an update on his family and his dance studios effected by the hurricane. He and Kirstie express how thankful they are to their fans for getting them through. Maks says Kirstie is in his head. Kirstie says Maks is a HEADACHE! lol

Gillis and Peta thought for sure they were history last night. Gilles talks of the best time he’s having with Peta. He also loves Kirstie Alley and thinks she’s funny. Next week’s dance fusion is going to be challenge for them. Gilles also talks of his dreams and how happy he is to be an “American” now.

Karina and Apolo talk of how no one is safe on Dancing With The Stars. The elimination was “crazy”. Apolo says you just have to cherish every dance and dance as if it’s always your last. As for next week, Karina is nervous about the song selection. She hopes it’s a good one. They talk a little smack on Derek and how lucky he is not to have to dance next week (not necessarily true. According to E News, Derek may still dance. It’s “up in the air” depending on how he’s feeling next week at showtime.).

As for Shawn and Derek, please whip on over to Pure Derek Hough as Miss Heidi will have all the goods on them including a sweet video on why Derek renamed “his boy”. Let’s hope his injury heals up fully as that is the most important thing versus dancing.

Below is POPTVDotCom catching up Kirstie and Gilles going to dinner after the show was over…

And that is all we have for you for now. More later Dancinistos and Dancinistas!! πŸ˜‰ xx