Early Farewell To Louis And Sabrina, Should There Be a Judges Save on DWTS? TAKE POLL

Wow, did you ever hear the ballroom get so quiet as it did last night when Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel were eliminated on Dancing With The Stars? Those silent moments just about said it all, didn’t they?! Sad!! With some voters not being able to vote last week (because of the election debates and the baseball game messing with the schedule in some parts of the Country) and this week (because of the hurricane), we were all expecting we might have a surprise elimination. Even still, Sabrina and Louis…one of the best couples to dance on this show? No! Last night, after the show was over, judge Carrie Ann Inaba was tweeting that we should tell producers we want a “judges save” if we didn’t like the “surprise elimination”. Sorry Carrie Ann, I just can’t do it. Even though I don’t think it’s fair Sabrina and Louis are leaving early, the judges have enough control of this show as it is. What do you guys think? Let’s take a POLL:

With that said, here’s to Louis and Sabrina!! I think what I’ll remember the most about Sabrina is not her high performance energy and passionate dancing, but, her overall genuine love for Dancing With The Stars. A lot of celebrities come and go on this show without taking one look back. Not Sabrina. She LOVES Dancing With The Stars so much!! Here are some interviews from after their elimination last night to get their reactions. They have nothing but good things to say on the show, the cast, the fans, and each other.

You can read on their reaction at E News as well here. Below is a personal thank you from Sabrina and Louis from her You Tube Channel…

We’ll add their Good Morning America interview as soon as it’s available.

ADDING: And HERE is Sabrina and Louis on Good Morning America today.