Dancing with the Stars Season 15 Stats Class: Week 6′s Elimination – Sabrina Bryan

Ok… I am not happy… I mean Sabrina was actually growing and doing better and better. She was actually opening up and she has such an engaging personality it is like, “what the hell?” But then again TPTB probably have so much invested in Gilles and Kelly that Sabrina got the short end of the stick…

Ah well… what can you do? I know it has been a while since I did one of these… but in all honesty it is getting towards that point in the season where the comparison statistics may actually look decent. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the chart where it compares the predicted scores with the actuals between Sabrina’s original Season 5 and the current Season 15:

Confused? Yeah I was too… but before I break the above down even further… let’s look at the data between Season 5 and Season 15:

There… now that you have the data let’s go back to the charts:

First there is Season 5:

So it would appear that Sabrina’s actual scores coincided with expectations of the predictions at that time. Meaning there was no major over or underscoring when it came to Sabrina. Mind you the predicted scores at the time only used date between Season 1 thru Season 4… so there wasn’t much to work off of, but the data seems to be pretty consistent.

Now let’s look at Season 15:

Now we have to take the Disco out of the equation simply because it has never been done on the show as a competitive dance. (Well the Hustle has… but if the wording isn’t exact I’m too lazy to go and update the spreadsheets for it.) So aside from that little outlier… the path of the predicted scores are grossly different from the actual scores… which form a steady incline. Not necessarily a bad thing, but was overscoring involved? It is hard to tell, Sabrina’s dance ability is very high… and that is hard to take into account.

Anyway… there isn’t much more that I could derive from the above… so here you go so you can draw your own conclusions. In the meantime I will attempt to work on some of the previous eliminations, but I can’t make any promises.