Gilles Marini And Peta Murgatroyd Discuss High Level Of Pressure On DWTS All Stars, Future, And More

Gilles Marini tells KTLA that there shouldn’t be any eliminations on Dancing With The Stars this season. Either that, or every time someone scores a ten, $500,000 should go to a charity somewhere. Peta Murgatroyd chats on the high level of pressure for the pros to produce the best choreography for their partners. They all want to do their very best, it’s intense, and this week “they have to step it up again”. Gilles describes how each couple bring something different. On the future (I think he means after he and Peta are finished with Dancing With The Stars?), it’s ‘a big secret”, but, Gilles says Peta is doing “absolutely great things” and he will make sure of it. Sounds intriguing. I wonder what he’s talking about? I know Peta has always been interested in acting as well.