DWTS Carrie Ann Inaba Ready For Love Again And Wants To Have a Baby

Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba told People that she is “ready for a lot of wonderful things to happen in her life”…some of which having a baby for which she has taken steps to have. She’s also open to love again after her break up with Jesse Sloan. Here is more…

“I’m hoping that it happens the old-fashioned way,” she says, “but I’m not opposed to trying new things.”

As her doctor has made her very aware, Inaba doesn’t have the luxury of time.

“My body is my timeline,” she says. “That doesn’t mean that there can’t be hope and there can’t be a miracle. A lot of miracles have happened in my life so I continue to believe in them. It only takes one egg!”

Meanwhile, Inaba (who recently launched a new foundation, The Carrie Ann Inaba Animal Project) is opening herself up to the possibility of falling in love again. (“Maybe soon,” she says.) She is single but remains close with Sloan and his teenage daughter Kristen.

“I feel like I’m ready for a lot of wonderful things in my life to happen,” she adds. “I have enough love to give and I feel confident enough in who I am that I can give that love.”