DWTS Peta Murgatroyd And Gilles Marini Define Sex Appeal And What “Fuses” Them Together When Dancing

Dancing With The Stars Peta Murgatroyd and Gilles Marini “define sex appeal” at ET Online. “We’re just going to keep to be just naturally who we are” and “I think what sex appeal is about is not bringing any sex appeal” says Gilles. Peta adds, “I think it’s the chemistry that you can produce between one another. If you go over the top and try and be sexy then that’s when it just goes corny and terrible.” Hmmmm….I agree, but, if I were to talk on what “fuses” Peta and Gilles together, it’s not the sexiness or chemistry (like I thought would be the case in the beginning), it’s his smoothness, theatrics in the dance, and some of their tricks for what I’ve enjoyed personally. Be sure to let us know what you think if inspired.

Also, you can check out Peta’s new blog at People.com here. Below is a take about their fusion dance tonight. More at People.com.

Our dance this week is fusion. It’s to one song, but the rhythm can be danced to two different styles. We have Argentine tango and the samba in one song. It can get a little complicated, but I think the two are actually going to mix quite well together, and I think Gilles [Marini] can definitely do both.

I’m working on getting each dance style distinctly different from the other. I don’t want the judges to think the two dance styles are muddled into each other and they can’t tell which is which when we switch over. So, Gilles will really have to play up both characters. He’ll have to be the sultry, sexy, Argentine tango man trying to seduce me, and then he goes back into the samba, where we’re like a couple having fun dancing together. I need to make those really distinct.