PureDWTS “Seriously Ridiculous Choreography” In Karina Smirnoff’s And Apolo Ohno’s Fusion Dance

Apolo Ohno has penned a new blog at People.com. He says if he can dance every dance as if it’s his very last and do it successfully, he thinks he and Karina can make it to the finals. He also gives us a little hint of what he and Karina’s fusion dance might be like for tonight. More below and at the link!

I told Karina that night that no matter what happens, if we make to the following week, let’s take every single dance for the rest of the competition and treat it like it’s our very last of the whole season. I know that if I’m able to do that and do it successfully, I will make it all the way to finals. And obviously I’ll try to leave a little left in the tank for that.

The judges decided to change it up on us this week and give us a little fusion dance, which is a combination of the cha cha and the paso doble, which are totally different. The cha cha is fun and “let’s party,” while the paso doble is a really aggressive, proud – almost angry – but a powerful and strong dance. It’s one of my favorites. Karina’s been bringing out some seriously ridiculous choreography. The song we have is amazing. It’s Usher’s “Scream.” And our wardrobe halfway through gets pretty interesting.

I think Karina and I are stronger than ever. At the end of the day, I want to give my best to this thing. I know if I can do that, there’s nothing I can be ashamed of and I can hold my head high. I’ve got to give my all on the dance floor, and to my relationship with my dance partner. I’ve got to try to mend things when I don’t always want to. I have to bend and turn and curve a lot more than I’m used to, but it works.

Good luck Apolo. You can do it!!!!