DWTS Rumor: Cheryl Burke Taking A Season Off To Pursue Other Opportunities?

How are you all today? Check out this news (rumor?) from E News. It mentions how Cheryl Burke will be taking a season off from Dancing With The Stars after this one to take a break and pursue other opportunities and could one of them be The Bachelorette as rumored in the past and now again? Or will it be another reality show she ventures on to? One ‘Bachelorette’ insider says they are not interested in her. Read more below…

“ABC has asked her for years to do the show, she is holding out for a big payday because she knows she would bring a lot to the show,” a source tells E! News. “She is taking a season off after this All Stars season to take a break and see about other opportunities.”

Another source tells us that the dancer isn’t in talks, but has met with ABC on several occasions to talk about her doing some sort of reality show. The Bachelorette has been mentioned in those conversations, but there are no talks going on right now.

So will we see Burke hanging up her dancing shoes in exchange for roses? According to a Bachelorette insider: not a chance.

“Never gonna happen! Never!” our rock-solid source laments, revealing that Burke has been the one “begging to do the show” and not the other way around.

Even though I’ve enjoyed Cheryl’s dancing and attitude much more this season, I don’t think a break would hurt. As for her doing The Bachelorette, I can’t see it, but, oh, how my Dad would probably love it. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks Sandy for the heads up on this news today!

ETA1: Here is more from E News. They talked directly with Cheryl about the rumors of her doing The Bachelorette. It’s true as well as the fact she’s been seeking other TV show opportunities. However, as reported above, the producers of The Bachelorette are most likely going to pursue a “real” person for the role and not a celebrity. Thanks to Lori for the heads up.