PureDWTS15 The “All-Star Forefathers”, “The Ballroom Shuffle”, Dance Fusion POLL (VOTE)

Some things remind us of why we are all here and the political ads on Dancing With The Stars this past week, the pic above titled as the “All-Star Forefathers” by Dancing With The Stars Official Facebook, and the poem below by PureDWTS reader Lois were several of them.


The ballroom was shuffled, the deck was stacked
The dances were crazy mixed up, were attacked

The theme was fusion, a blending of two dances
Throwing cards in the air, taking many chances

Dance steps had to intertwine, into the other flow
We marveled as all the dancers aced them just so

Kelly and Val mixed Fox Trot, Cha-Cha with ease
Melissa and Tony mixed Tango, Cha-Cha to please

Emmitt and Cheryl gave the Rumba, Samba a whirl
Gilles, Peta gave Argentine Tango, Samba a twirl

Karina and Apolo’s Cha-Cha, Paso Doble excited
Max, Kirstie’s Quickstep, Samba surely delighted

A mixed up trio arrived to the Ballroom Shuffle dance
Two fellows dressed alike, only one will get the chance

Mark, chosen to dance Paso Doble, Tango with Shawn
All Derek could do was sit in the audience looking on

The Ballroom Shuffle experiment dazzled and amazed
The dancing cards shuffled, new dancing trails blazed

A swing dance marathon was danced to Do Your Thing
Who would be crowned Swing Dance Queen and King

The couples were tagged, they had to leave the floor
First to go were Kirstie and Max, were shown the door

Second to go, Gilles and Peta ended their swing dance
Apolo and Karina were tagged third, lost their chance

Fourth to be tagged, Emmitt, Cheryl’s time was done
Number Five, Shawn and Mark, had to leave the fun

It was down to two couples, who would get the score
Kelly and Val’s valiant try, number six, could go no more

Tony and Melissa’s endurance made them last to go
Winning the crown of the ballroom Swing Dance Show

Next week trios will dance together, not two but three
Kirstie and Max chose Tristan, what dance will we see

Kelly and Val chose Louis, three glide across the floor
Emmitt and Cheryl chose Kym, could not ask for more

Apolo and Karina chose Sasha from the dancing troupe
Melissa and Tony chose Henry, oh wow, what a group

Gilles and Peta chose Chelsie to help their dancing cause
Shawn and Derek chose Mark, to the ballroom’s applause

The deck was stacked, Ballroom Shuffle blazed the trail
Next Monday night the All-Stars will return without fail!

Written by Lois A. Troutman, November 6, 2012

Too fun, Lois! THANKS so much!!! And now between you, comments in other posts, and a tweet from reader Jimmboe Tuesday night has us wondering what your overall thoughts were on the “Dance Fusion”? Would you all like to see the Dance Fusion make a reappearance in the future on Dancing With The Stars? Lets get some numbers. Take our new Poll below and let us know what you think in comments too if interested….

I’m voting “No”. The Dance Fusion was ok for something different, but, I really like just watching the couples just dancing to one style of dance. I wouldn’t want to see the Dance Fusion become a seasonal thing.