Tom Bergeron Talks About Hosting Dancing With The Stars And America’s Funniest Home Videos

Tom Bergeron tells Access Hollywood that he loves the all star season of Dancing With The Stars. It’s been hard to see the contestants be eliminated being they are all his friends. Someone even went home with high scores, but, Tom says Dancing With The Stars has always been a “popularity contest” and it’s nothing new (so true). They also ask him how long he wants to host Dancing With The Stars which he answers with “until they have to drag him off kicking and screaming”. All shows will someday come to an end, but, until then, Tom is “just bankin’ it and having a ball.” Lots more below including Tom’s thoughts on his other long time gig on America’s Funniest Home Videos which is soon to air it’s 500th episode this upcoming Sunday.

Good thing Tom has no plans of leaving Dancing With The Stars. I can NOT even imagine the show without him, can you?

ETA1: Tom was on Good Day LA today. They show some early shots of Tom that are too fun. He was also on The Talk yesterday.

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