Kirstie Alley Talks About DWTS, Clarifies Twisted Words On Rumored Affairs (Videos)

Kirstie Alley tells Jimmy Kimmell that “”it’s rough” on Dancing With The Stars this season being it’s the “all stars”. She’s also put out with Jimmy because he didn’t choose her to win in his predictions. Then they talk about her new book “The Art Of Men”. She also clarifies that she never had an affair with John Travolta and Patrick Swayze and how an interviewer twisted her words (figures and I’m not surprised!). She tells Jimmy that “they” (John, Lisa?) new about the book and gave her permission to tell her story and they are not upset with her.

Just a reminder, you’ll be able to see Kirstie on 20/20 tonight as well.

ETA1: Here she is on ET as well…