Dancing With The Stars Henry Byalikov Sets Us Up For The Trio Dances And More (Video)

So interesting and fascinating as always! Below is another Vlog release by Dancing With The Stars pro Henry Byalikov. He sets us up for the trio dances on Monday explaining what the most important things are to do to make them work and also the biggest mistakes. Henry also explains what it’s been like to work with Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft (pictured above. I think Melissa might have the upper hand on these two. 😀 ) this week. You’ll find out what it’s like dancing on stage versus dancing LIVE on television which he prefers more. Henry also explains what makes the ideal celebrity partner and who he’d like to dance with as well.

Excellent questions from the fans and THANKS HENRY!!!! I love these Vlogs! Please keep them coming! As always, if you have any questions for Henry, you can write to him at his twitter, facebook, or his official site.