Dancing with the Stars Season 15 – Week 8 Predictions

Yay the Trio Challenge **rolls eyes**. ANYWAY As always take the below table with a grain of salt:

Now for the eighth week of competition in Season 8: Melissa originally received a 21 because she was injured that week and as thus her score was based off of the dance rehearsal footage taken earlier that day (or weekend).

I find it rather interesting that Emmitt is the only one that has not done either one of the dances that he is assigned this week in his original season.

Kelly Monaco did the Viennese Waltz as a group dance in her season but it was not scored.

Now… throughout the week last week people were asking what the cumulative scores were up to that point… so I decided to provide the following table for your information only:

As you can see Kirstie is significantly lagging behind the rest of the pack.

Also interesting to note is that Gilles/Peta were originally leading in cumulative scores for six weeks. Then in Week Seven Shawn/Derek took over the lead in Week Seven, then after the Marathon Melissa/Tony also joined in overtaking Gilles/Peta in cumulative scores.

And if you would like to see how the scores panned out from week to week as a comparison to the above graph:

Hope you found the above as interesting as I have in attempting to put this together.