Karina Smirnoff And Apolo Ohno Hope To Make Brooke Burke Smile Tonight On DWTS (Video)

Celebuzz interviewed Karina Smirnoff and Apolo Ohno about Brooke Burke’s announcement of her Thyroid Cancer. They lend their support for her and explain how she’s doing now. They hope to make her smile tonight.

ETA1: And blow is a snippet from Aoplo’s new blog at People.com. He talks of how challenging he and Karina’s new dances have been to learn. Get ready for a special entrance to their individual dance tonight. Here is more….

I take every single week as if it’s our last week ever on the show. I think that allows me to really perform and entertain at the best level I possibly can. It’s fun, but it’s tough. I’m not sleeping much, but it’s good.

If we were to get eliminated, I absolutely would not regret the experience. The show and the journey and the things you go through are really amazing. But I’m not even thinking about that. If Tom [Bergeron] calls my name on Tuesday and tells me to come to the bottom of the stairs, I will tell him I am fine where I am and I think I’ll stay up there for a little while. I’m not going to move.

I’m hurting this week. This week is hard. We have two full dances. Karina [Smirnoff] and I have the tango, which is our individual dance. We’re dancing to a great song by Bonnie Tyler called “I Need a Hero.”

I’m trying out this entrance to the dance, and I’ve never really done it on the show before. I’m coming in from the corner of the skybox. It’s a little crazy. I’m told to come in like a superhero or action figure. I’m not really the best with heights. That’s why I’ve always stayed low to the ground.

The other dance we have is our trio dance, and we have Sasha Farber, who is one of the professionals on the show. We’re doing a jive to “Grease Lightning,” which I love. The number is sick, but I have two Russian dancers who forget that I’m not a pro. So they’re putting in this crazy, fast routine that normally a pro would have. My hip flexors feel like guitar strings right now. They are gone.

You can read the full blog at People.com.