Emmitt Smith On Dancing With The Stars: “The quality of the show has elevated” (Videos)

Emmitt Smith is so humble and a class act as always. In this new interview wth KTLA, he relates football with Dancing With The Stars. He “recognizes” the competition and tries to challenge himself every week (just like when he played football)…but, not without “soreness” including his toe (lol). The crew at KTLA try to break down the competition by saying Shawn and Gilles are his biggest, but, Emmitt won’t have it. He says THEY (his cast mates) ARE ALL of his competition and that they are all so good. He talks on Cheryl and how much their relationship has grown too. Great interview and one of my favorites now of the season. See why….

Below is Emmitt on the Ryan Seacrest show as well. He thinks Cheryl would be perfect as the next “The Bachelorette”.

Also, just a heads up! Cheryl and Emmitt will be answering questions TODAY in a LIVE chat at 12:30 PT. Be sure to tune in at their twitter accounts if you’d like to take part and/or watch it go down.