PureDWTS 15 Week 8 – The Couples Reactions After Monday Night’s Dance (Interviews)

What a fun night, but, I am NOT looking forward to TWO eliminations tonight…especially if there is a “surprise” elimination, but, more on that in depth later with Heidi in her new Number’s Post. For now, let’s see what the couples had to say on their dances last night with On The Red Carpet.

First up, Tony and Melissa. Their big smiles say it all. Tony says last night was “insane”. Melissa’s goal was just to soak it all up and have the time of her life. Tony praises how hard Melissa has worked. He also speaks of how he doesn’t like to break the rules. The energy with the Veterans at the show helped them to fly.

Emmitt was so honored to dance with two top notch dancers in Kym and Cheryl. He talks of the Veterans and what the show is all about. The Veterans are the true role models so they can be there to entertain. Cheryl says Emmitt worked so hard. Emmitt says he loved how Kym and Cheryl showcased him and who he is. If they get to come back, they will keep working hard.

Kirstie says she’s a “crazy optimist”. At the same time, she’s learned you “have to move on” when you have to. Maks talks of how he let Kirstie decide on the choreography with the Trio dance with Tristan. A little girl named “Tori” joins them for the interview and rates them with a “10”. So cute.

Karina talks of her injuries this past week, but, she’s much better and a “warrior”. If they make it to next week for Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Tribute, they have ideas that are “beyond spectacular”. Apolo says they will “freeze” the dance floor. Karina loves Apolo’s “Grease” look (so, did I! 😀 ).

Kelly and Val! Kelly loved hanging out with both Val and Louis! She’s loved all the new things the show has thrown at them every week. Val talks of Louis and how much he respects him on and off the show. He owes Louis for helping to make a special performance for a “special lady”. They have a lot planned if they get to make it. Val talks of how Kelly is the most improved of all the celebrities comparing them to their first seasons. The interviewer asks if Val tries to please the audience or the judges. He likes to do both, but, knows he has to follow the rules because he isn’t Derek Hough with a big fan base to support them yet. He also makes it a point at the end to say how Derek has three mirror balls (why did he have to say that? It sounds like he has an issue with it and is using that fact to help them get votes? Not cool in my opinion.)

Gilles and Peta talk of how fun it was to have Chelsie as their trio partner and how she helped Gilles’ fantasy to come true. Peta is trying to stick to the rules. Gilles says they are dancing “tremendously” (really?). It’s all about the public for him versus the judges. Gilles wraps up the interview with why he owes so much to our Veterans.

Below is a take from Enews with Gilles, Val, and Kelly….

“It’s wonderful, you know I’ve never had a trio dance,” Marini told E! News about dancing with partner Peta Murgatroyd and Chelsie Hightower. “A ménage à dance I’ve never had. A ménage à trois—I would not answer that. I would plead the fifth because that happens many times.”

Hey now! Did anyone else just get a flashback of Marini’s, um, special appearance in the film Sex and the City? OK, that’s enough. Back to backstage scoop. Sorry, but we must.

Anyway, as if things weren’t getting hot enough, Monaco and a shirtless Val Chmerkovskiy talked about Kelly’s lip-locks throughout her routine.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t very happy. It’s OK,” a slightly jealous Val said, but Kelly felt the total opposite. “I liked it,” she told us. “I got to kiss Len [Goodman], Louis [van Amstel] and Val tonight. I’m a little whore.”

And for all the media on Derek and Shawn, be sure to visit Pure Derek Hough as Heidi will have everything on them.

Also, here is some of the cast out and about after the show thanks to PopTVDotCom….

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ADDING: Here is the cast with ET Online….

ADDING #2: Below is the cast with Extra. Lots of talk about Cheryl doing The Bachelorette.