Saying Good-Bye To Kirstie Alley And Gilles Marini On Dancing With The Stars (Interviews)

Has there ever been two more gracious, classy exits on Dancing With The Stars than with Kirstie Alley and Gilles Marini? There have been many. I know. But, wow, Gilles really touched on me last night when he thanked not only the show, but, his wife and then there were the kind words he said about Peta too. This is from the ET Online interview for an example….

“This woman was in my life 24/7 and she never gave up anything, and she always wanted me to look amazing and she pushed me to places that I never knew I would go when it comes down to these performances,” he retold ET of his talk with his partner.

“I felt safe at all times,” he praised. “I was always worried because this is my personality [and] I wanted to do so much more, but I always felt safe with her. I had the best time.”

Another thing I loved about Gilles was his love for this Country and being a new citizen! He made a statement through out the season to never take our freedoms for granted.

Kirstie!! Once again (as she did before in the first season she danced), she reminded me of how important it is to stay positive, not to take life so seriously, and to LAUGH!! She also reminded me that growing old doesn’t have to be and that we can dance until we die. I will forever be a fan of this woman and her beautiful, young, passionate, energetic, fun spirit and I hope we see her entertaining the world forever.

With all that said, here are their interviews after they were eliminated last night. Lots of laughs and some tears too…

Stay tuned! We’ll add their Good Morning America interview as soon as we can!

UPDATE: And HERE is their Good Morning America interview. It’s ‘too early in the morning’ for them, but, note how George tries to ask Maks about his movie career, but, Maks doesn’t reveal anything except to say he’s looking forward to the opportunities.