What The Celebrities Didn’t Expect To Learn On DWTS, What They’ve Taught The Pros, And More

George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet is back and this time he asks the couples what they didn’t expect to learn or know dancing a second time on Dancing With The Stars up to this point. He also asks the pros what their celebrities have taught them this season. Good questions!! He also gets their reactions on learning about next week’s dances.

Let’s start out with Cheryl and Emmitt! Emmitt says he didn’t know there would be so much “emotional charge” when one of the couples were eliminated. There is a “gut wrenching” feeling and he didn’t prepare for it. Cheryl says Emmitt has taught her about “life”, “growing” and “maturing”. For next weeks dances, they have to buckle down, tighten up, and just get better.

Apolo says (in an overwhelming way) he wasn’t expecting to know about “Karina Smirnoff” and how she makes you give it your all ….160%!!! Karina says Apolo has taught her to always have a positive outlook…even in the worst of conditions such as when they are in the elimination spot or if they have a fight. “It’s all good”! At the end, they get silly talking of next week’s dances, she has lots of really good ideas, and Karina calls him her “baby elephant”.

Val says Kelly has taught him composure, how to be a professional, to be honest, to have good timing, and how to carry yourself better. As for not know what she’d be in for, Kelly didn’t realize she’d love dancing again so much, the work, and being around Val for long hours and that they’d click. On their next dances, Val gets nervous when first learning what they have and the song, but, he believes in Kelly and they can do it.

Tony and Melissa! Tony can’t believe he and Melissa have made it this far. It’s been a “dream come true”. They have no idea what will happen for next week’s “Caveman Hustle”. On Melissa, Tony says she has this way of teaching him ‘to enjoy every second’, to ‘savor every moment’, and that ‘their families are the most important part’. On what she didn’t think she’d learn by dancing a second time, Melissa says she has learned to savor the experience more (the “small things”). They also didn’t expect to get this far. The eliminations have also been difficult.

For a media round-up on Derek and Shawn visit Pure Derek Hough as our Miss Heidi will have everything on them up as soon as she can.

So, here’s to next week, Everyone!!! Anything can happen! Are you ready? Being a huge Michael Jackson fan, I am going to love this upcoming week the most I think. πŸ™‚