DWTS All Stars, Week 9 – Who’s Dancing What…and When??

This seems destined to be a weird week all the way around. 🙂

Only thing I’m going to say right now about the songs is that some people are going to be happy and some are not. How’s that for vague?? 🙂 I will say that Kelly got EXTREMELY lucky – let’s just see which way they go with the choreo and if the judges subsequently call them out like Courtney and I suspect they SHOULD (but probably won’t).

I think the only one of these dances likely to be a surprise – because it hasn’t been spoiled by the couple – is Shawn and Derek doing the Argentine Tango. I also don’t think that Kelly and Val have mentioned Rumba, but we’re fairly sure that’s what they have.

ETA: Yes, Kelly may as well be doing another Paso, going by her music (and since Warren and Kym used it as a Paso on the show before). Courtney and I predict that Val takes the easy out, goes mostly Paso and doesn’t get called on it. And they get a 30. 🙂 Any takers???

ETA2: So, Emmitt’s song seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? 🙂 It’s a shame he’s apparently struggling with the choreography in what is otherwise a “cute” dance. 😉  And YES, we know his Lindy song was Donny’s Jive song. Also struggling, from what I hear, is Kelly – who’s dance, as suspected, doesn’t look very “surfer” at all. She’s apparently having trouble with the timing and looks “frantic”.  In other news, Melissa is doing great with the AT – as we also suspected that she would. 🙂

ETA3: I’m having trouble seeing a Jazz dance for Apolo’s song – it will require a lot of creativity from Karina. It does sound circus-y. I included a youtube link because I had trouble with the iTunes link at first…and then when I saw the video I decided to leave it. 🙂  From where I”m sitting, Melissa got EXTREMELY lucky. If they hadn’t picked the second dances live I would suspect foul play. Now, can Tony capitalize on that extraordinary luck?? Sounds like he’s done well with the AT, but there are TWO dances.

MJ Dance: Argentine Tango (Song: “Dirty Diana” by Michael JacksonDirty Diana - Bad (25th Anniversary Special Edition))
Caveman Hustle (Song: “Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was)Walk the Dinosaur - What Up, Dog?)
Dancing 1st and 6th
Voting #: 1-800-868-3406

MJ Dance: Argentine Tango (see PDH)
Knight Rider Bhangra
Voting #: 1-800-868-3402

MJ Dance: Rumba (Song: “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” by Michael JacksonI Just Can't Stop Loving You - Bad (25th Anniversary Special Edition))
Surfer Flamenco (Song: “Malagueña” by Brian Setzer OrchestraMalagueña - Ignition!)
Voting #: 1-800-868-3411

MJ Dance: Tango (Song:  “Leave Me Alone” by Michael JacksonLeave Me Alone - Bad (25th Anniversary Special Edition))
Espionage Lindy Hop (Song: “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny RiversSecret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers: Greatest Hits)
Dancing 4th and 9th
Voting #: 1-800-868-3413

MJ Dance:  Rumba (Song: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael JacksonMan In the Mirror - The Essential Michael Jackson)
Big Top Jazz (Song:  “What You Waiting For” by Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For? - Love, Angel, Music, Baby) Youtube link
Voting #: 1-800-868-3407