Dancing with the Stars Season 15 – Week 9 Predictions

Oh Em Gee… Week Nine? The Semi-Finals and we have five couples left in the competition? It is interesting to know that in a week it is the finals and then we have to wait til March for the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Not a bad thing mind you but… anyway.

Since I am at a time crunch I am going to just provide the data, some tidbits that I know and let you guys draw your own conclusions:

Below is the table of the predicted scores. As to be expected we don’t really have all that information for the “chosen” dances but for my sanity let’s just focus on the dances that we do know of…

If the predictions are to be believed (and the score from approximately the same time frame in the original seasons) then the top three couples would include Shawn/Derek, Apolo/Karina and Melissa/Tony which would be just fine by me (and probably most other people).

So let’s look at how the scores worked out last week:

Interesting, aside from Shawn/Derek most of the other couples stayed relatively around the same area when it came to final placements. And it is about time some of these predictions started making some sort of sense… But then again with all the blatant over and under scoring this season I really shouldn’t be holding my breath.

Anyway… here is the cumulative graph thus far for the final five:

As we can see both Melissa/Tony and Shawn/Derek are several point ahead of the other three couples in terms of cumulative scores. But the difference between Shawn/Derek and Apolo/Karina is not even seven points… so is that gap really going to mean much when the called in votes are tabulated? Who knows.

As always… speculate away!