DWTS15 Semi-Final Interviews After Dance Night, What The Next 22 Hours Will Be Like

What a night of television last night and one of the best for Dancing With The Stars!! I was at the edge of my seat all night, were you?

So, lets’ go straight to the interviews afterwards with the couples and George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. He asks them on the next 22 hours, what is keeping them going, and if they think they deserve to be in the finals. Great questions again and he puts them on the spot a little….

Cheryl and Emmitt! Cheryl tells George this is the week she is the most frightened, but, both Cheryl and Emmitt are hoping their fan bases will pull them through. Emmitt says it’s one of those things where you have to wait and see “where the chips fall”. What keeps Emmitt going is that there is always room for improvement. He gives Cheryl props for “teaching an old man how to dance” and to “another level” this season. They gave it their all last night and now they just have to wait and see what happens.

Tony and Melissa talk of how they dedicated their Michael Jackson dance to a friend who died this past week. Tony was so proud of Melissa for what she was producing on the floor. It was a “masterpiece” for him. His back was hurting, but, Melissa was like a “feather in his arms”. What’s keeping them going is their “friendship”. Melissa has been Tony’s “rock” through everything they’ve been challenged with this season and now he is just “enjoying every moment”. They hope they’ve made the finals. They’ve tried to do everything they can do to earn them a spot.

Apolo says the “fans” are what is keeping him and Karina going. They try to give it their all for them every week. Apolo and Karina says their rumba was their most “connected” dance than all the other dances they’ve danced. They poured all their hearts out and just danced. Karina will take that “moment” with her forever no matter what happens tonight and why she loves this show and the journey. Apolo doesn’t know if they will be back next week, but, either way, it’s been amazing and everyone is a “champion”.

Kelly and Val! Val talks of the choreography for the Surfer Flamenco. He says they’ve come a long way and they did it their way. He is happy no matter what for how far they’ve come. What keeps Kelly going is Val and their friendship. She loved seeing him every day. Kelly doesn’t “see” the championship in her grasp yet and will wait until tonight’s outcome.

Below are their interviews with ET Online and PopTVDotCom;

For the interviews with Derek and Shawn, please visit Pure Derek Hough as Heidi will have everything up on them. She has some great scoops from yesterday’s media as well and PICTURES! 😀

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