Paula Abdul Discusses Her “Dream Medley” Performance For DWTS And More

As most of you know, Paula Abdul will be performing on the Dancing With The Stars Results Show tonight. She had some thoughts to share giving us a little preview of her new “Dream Medley” single Dream Medley - Single - Paula Abdul for what she will be performing to tonight with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. Note how George also tries to get Paula to “committ” to something Dancing With The Stars related in the future, but, she doesn’t give him any information and doesn’t act like she knows what he’s talking about. She was also on Good Morning America today. We hope to have that interview as well as soon as it’s available.

Stay tuned! Heidi’s new Numbers post is coming up soon with her predictions for who will be going home tonight. 😉

ETA1: Here is Paula on Ryan Seacrest as well. THANKS LORI!

ETA2: You can watch Paula on Good Morning America HERE. She gives her thoughts on all the couples last night.