DWTS Elimination Interviews With Apolo Ohno and Emmitt Smith, Some After Thoughts

Some people touch on our hearts and souls all season through and such is true for the two couples who exited Dancing With The Stars last night. I’ll forever remember Apolo Anton Ohno for his “chemistry” with Karina from the time they started to dance to the end. Most of us never felt the “lack there of” with them. They had a powerful, romantic, unforgettable, and intense journey that will bind them forever and one of which we’ll never forget.

Then there is Emmitt Smith who had more class, wiseness, and charm in his little pinky than most of the contestants who have graced this show. I’ll never forget how he would sometimes sing to the songs when he danced and how he would smile, relax, and just enjoy each dance when it came time to hit the dance floor. I also loved how he would relate football and dancing.

So, here’s to Apolo and Emmitt and their interviews after their eliminations!! The titles “Champion” and “Dancing With The Stars All Star” fits them in every way, doesn’t it?!!!! Tom Bergeron was so right when he said we “lost a good chunk of charisma” last night.

ETA1: Below is more of their thoughts with E News….

“It was an amazing experience,” Apolo said with partner Karina Smirnoff by his side. “Obviously I’m a competitor, she’s a competitor, we’ve both been champions many times over and we always want to win, but at the end of the day we could only control how much we would give every single week and we gave our all. I can honestly say we gave our all.”

Karina agreed, adding, “I think this season has probably been one of the most emotional seasons I’ve had on the show. From week one we had moments when we fought a little bit and it was difficult to break through that particular wall, but once we did we have grown so much closer together. I’m going to miss those moments more than the mirror ball trophy for sure!”

“I’m proud of what we’ve done and I feel good about what we’ve done,” said Apolo. “Regardless of tonight I feel like we’re champions.”

“At the end of the day, no matter how hard you work, sometimes you fall short, but just because you fall short does not mean that you lost,” Emmitt said about how he feels he is still a role model for his kids.

As for who Emmitt is putting his weight behind now that he’s out?

“Take our votes and spread it amongst all three,” Smith diplomatically put it. “All three are beautiful ladies. They are going to give it their all.”

You can read more at E News.

ETA2: And HERE is their Good Morning America interview. Check out how Robyn Roberts thanked Emmitt!!

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