DWTS Finalists Talk About Their Upcoming Freestyles, What Do You Think They Should Do?

The three finalists have been revealed! Now it’s time to see what’s up for next week’s final dances for what we can find out from their interviews after the results show last night.

In this ET Online interview, Derek and Shawn don’t reveal much. They are excited and just want to head back to the rehearsal studio and start practicing. Tony and Melissa just want to have fun and continue the same trend they’ve been doing all along and come up with the best freestyle. Kelly and Val are so excited. They encourage their fans to keep voting. They just want to have fun.

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Tony isn’t sure about what they will do for their freestyle yet, but, he guarantees they will work the hardest and it will rock! It will also be different and have tricks that have never been seen on the show before. He wants to bring out the “big guns” for this one. He has 15 routines in his head, but, for now he’s just enjoying the moment that they made it.

Val is nervous, but, excited that he and Kelly made it to the finals. He hasn’t come up with a freestyle yet, but, he will by the morning. He will do his best. Kelly says they will put everything out on the table and go for it. She has never easily given up on things. Val names Kelly’s strong suits by saying she has a presence, a story, and a struggle. She’s had her ups and downs and she’s real. She impresses with her raw emotions and interpretations of it. When Kelly is on the dance floor, she really loves to dance. She gives him a big hug at the end.

So, what would you like to see of their freestyles and what do you think they should do or concentrate on?

I hope Derek and Shawn keep going the theatrical and creative route and throw in everything they can including a few gymnastic moves. I hope Tony won’t throw too many tricks in that we see Melissa too pushed like Apolo was this past week in he and Karina’s first dance. Sometimes “less is more”…know what I mean? I hope Val will concentrate on the strong suits he mentioned on Kelly. I think she is a better “slow” dancer. So, I hope he keeps it slow for their freestyle.

Here’s to next week, Everyone! 😉 xx