Zodiac Study On The Dancing With The Stars Season 15 Finalists And Their Unions

It’s that time again, Dancettes! As the Dancing With The Stars Season 15 All Star finale approaches, I’m more curious than ever to see how astrology might play a part in the outcome of our couples dancing? Maybe astrology has nothing to do with it or maybe it does? Whatever the case, it’s fun to explore why each person might be the way they are and, furthermore, to see how certain signs β€˜combined’ together might effect their performances or unions as they have so far on Dancing With The Stars. Let’s get started and feel free to discuss and elaborate for what you know of people with these signs (including of yourself) and how you might think it has or will help the top three finalists win this competition.

First up, Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson:
Derek was born May 17th. He is a Taurus…the sign of the Bull. People born under this sign are steadfast, sensitive, passionate, and strong individuals. Most of the people born under this sign fit the “bull” and “solid like a rock” scenario in some way when it comes to everything that touches them…from work, creativity, personality traits, and relationships. Pretty much nothing can break them and they are able to accomplish and rise above anything even in the worst or most challenging conditions. We see it week after week with Derek on Dancing With The Stars in so many ways. For instance: if all hell breaks loose on the show and/or he disagrees with the Judge’s, etc, who is the quiet, silent one standing strong and steadfast with a piercing gaze through it all like a “true bull” itself? Yep, Derek Hough!

As for Shawn, she was born on January 19th. She is a Capricorn…the sign of the goat, one of which, will slowly, but persistently, climb until they reach the highest place on a mountain. If you know a Capricorn, you know they are one of the most hard working and “work minded” signs in the Zodiac. Even when they are not working, they still are working in some way. This is not a bad thing. It’s just their nature. To ask differently of them, would kill their spirit as well as expecting anything less from them. So, it’s no wonder why this sign has been deemed as one the most successful of the zodiac. Is this sounding familiar to Shawn Johnson yet …an Olympic champion as well as a two time Dancing With The Stars finalist?

As for the Taurus and Capricorn combination: This is a match made of heaven in most cases. They think and feel in ultimately the same manner about working and striving to do their very best. They understand what it takes to be successful. Hard work, time, and determination are their strong suits which, in turn, produces harmony and excitement between them.

Looking closer at their specific birth dates:
Strengths together: intimate, sympathetic, rewarding
Weaknesses together: restrictive, inhibiting, anxious

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani:
Tony Dovolani was born July 17th!! He is Cancer, the Crab! Tony fits his sign so well being most Cancers are very caring individuals. For the most part, they put other people first before themselves and they’ll go beyond the call of duty to do so. You’ll see many “nurses” and “doctors” born under this sign. You’ll also see a lot of “stay at home” Moms under this sign as most of them are wonderful homemakers. Cancers love their “homes” (their “shell”) and “families”. This is where they are most at peace and happy. Is this sounding like Tony Dovolani?

As for Melissa, she was born on March 11. She is a Pisces, the fish. Being this sign is last in the zodiac, it has a way of bringing together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs before it. The people born under this sign are usually selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey. They also place great weight on what they and others around them are feeling. If you’ve met a person with a keen sense of “intuition” or even “psychic” in some cases, it’s usually a Pisces in your midst. They are also the dancers and dreamers of the Zodiac. This sign feels comfortable in an illusory world. Sometimes you may see them go dormant in it for a time to dream or think, and then out of the water they will jump at their most happy.

As for the Cancer and Pisces combination: It’s usually a winner. Neither one will question one another. Both understand each other’s need to dream or hold back on occasion. Both are caring and helpful individuals. Furthermore, this relationship can do wonders for one another as they will help each other to bring their best foot forward.

Looking closer at their specific birth dates:
Strengths together: magnetic, long-lasting, profound
Weaknesses together: dependent, sybaritic, addictive

Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy:
Val was born March 24th. He is an Aries, the Ram. Being Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they are usually the leaders of the pack and the first to get things going. In making something happen, they can be fearless, bold, aggressive, and courageous. These individuals are also some of the most charming, charismatic people in the zodiac. The element associated with this sign is Fire, so think action, enthusiasm, and a burning desire. Because of these traits, you’ll see a lot of sports lovers and figures born under this sign….and they usually aren’t those sitting on the sidelines either…atleast not for long (as we are seeing in Val becoming his own person from his brother this season). Special note: our very own John is an Aries.

Kelly Monaco was born May 23rd. She is a Gemini…one the most entertaining people of the Zodiac. These individuals are always enjoyable, bright, quick-witted, and, most often, the life of the party. Even though their intellectual minds can rationalize forever and a day, Geminis also have a surplus supply of infinite imagination. The people born under this sign also have of a way of multi-tasking like no other as we’ve seen Kelly doing by working full time on General Hospital and dancing. Is this sounding familiar to our Miss Heidi too as, special note, she is also a Gemini.

As for the Aries and Gemini combination: It’s another match. Aries and Gemini mix well together as both are full of energy, vitality, and excitement. Both signs like a good challenge and aren’t afraid to work hard. The fun and entertainment factor is high.

Looking closer at their specific birth dates:
Strengths together: powerful, work-orienated, discerning
Weaknesses together: guarded, mistrustful, proud

So, what do you think? If you were to base the outcome of the Dancing With The Stars finals on these couples Zodiac signs, who is the dominate pair?

I tend to think Derek and Shawn are the most dominate pair with their strengths in creativity, success, and drive, but, being all three are a “match” in different ways, anything could happen? Melissa is like a fish jumping out of water week after week with Tony, the caring Cancer, holding her up high. Val and Kelly have the “passionate” and entertainment factor nailed and seem to do it while multi-tasking. I’m at a loss? 😯

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