Dance Pro Henry Byalikov Vlogs Before The Dancing With The Stars Finale

Dance pro Henry Byalikov is back with a new Vlog and just in time before the finals of Dancing With The Stars. First off, Henry highlights the season and how incredible it’s been. He thanks the show and all of his fans and followers for their support over the season. Then he answers a cool question about how he gets inspired when choreographing a dance number. He also answers a question about what Hollywood musical movie he’d like to remake and be the lead in (fascinating answer and let’s wish him luck!!!)!

Note that this is Henry’s final blog in Hollywood, but, keep sending him your questions because he may continue his Vlogging once he gets back to Australia (I hope so as I have some questions I’ve been meaning to send him too!). So, if you have any questions for Henry, write to him at his twitter, facebook, or his official site.

THANK YOU HENRY! You’ve made this past season that much more fun, enjoyable, and interesting with your Vlogs, talent, and the nice person that you are!

Let’s hope too this special guy turns Pro next season on Dancing With The Stars!!