Finalists Thoughts Before The Dancing With The Stars Finale, Camera Blocking Picture has just a little teaser on Dancing With The Stars tonight. It has quotes from Tony, Shawn, and Kelly for how they are feeing on the finale….

“For me, winning the trophy would be everything,” he says.

The women, who reached the finals last Tuesday after Apolo Ohno and Emmitt Smith were sent home, are vying in a race that features two former champs.

Johnson, who won in season 8, says she’s “so excited” to go for the trophy again, while Monaco, the show’s first winner back in 2005, is ready for battle. She notes she’s one of five girls in her family and “can step in the ring” with anyone.

“I embrace girl power!” she says. “So I think it’s awesome. I’m honored to be up there with two amazing women.”

You can read the full article at Also, take a look at the picture in this tweet. It has a picture from camera blocking yesterday….

You can also watch their Good Morning America interviews HERE. Kelly and Val talk of their bond. No, it’s now a showmance, but, it’s genuine. He’s so thankful for what Kelly has done for him this season. Melissa and Tony talk of the competition. It’s no time to “be a sissy”. Shawn says this finals are intense. Derek jokes it’s a “cat fight” between the three women.

Here’s to tonight All!